Izza Génini

Born in Casablanca Izza Génini leaves her native Morocco in 1960. After studying litterature and foreign languages at the Sorbonne and at the School of Eastern Studies in Paris, she gets involved into cinema. In 1973, with Louis Malle and Claude Nedlar, they create the SOGEAV (called now OHRA) a company running the private screening room "Club 70 " that will evolve to w ards the distribution and the production of films essentially linked with Morocco vacheron constantin replica and Africa n cinema (1001 hands, Alyam, Trances, Rue Case-Nègres, Bob Marley, Reggae Sunsplash, Kissing from Tosca, Ablakon...)

In 1987, as a pioneer, she starts the production and the direction of her the documentary series about Moroccan traditional music s and culture "Morocco Body and Soul " counting not far from 20 titles. "Aïta", "Lutes and Delights", Hymns of praise", "Gnaouas", "Malhoune,", "Rythms of Marrakech", "Vibrations in Upper Atlas", "Nuptials in Middle Atlas", "Embroided Canticles", "Songs for a Chabbat", "Moussem", "Return to Oulas Moumen", "Citron fruit of Splendor", "For the eyes delight " , "With Drums beating", "Concerto for 13 voices", "Nuba of Gold and Light" ...

In working progress: " Cries and feelings "

Many prizes, rewards , homages and retrospectives throughout the world go on consecrating this filmography. Among others :
rolex replica 2007: Martin Scorcese chooses TRANCES to launch the World Cinema Foundation

2009 :Nomination to the KHMISA, a national distinction in Morocco, for an "Exceptional path"

2012 : POMEGRANATE AWARD for life achievement, delivered by he American Sephard Foundation – New York

Izza Genini

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